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Winter is drying.

Sure, the calendar says that spring is coming -- but living in New England, we know that winter is a resilient guest. That's why I'm highlighting my citrus blossom lotion in this first (!) blog post. I've been making this hand + body lotion for several years, and it's seriously awesome. I infuse sunflower oil with calendula flowers and then add a blend of citrus essential oils for a light, refreshing scent.

Calendula is tremendously soothing to the skin. It has been used for skin ailments and its other benefits for centuries -- a relative of the familiar marigold, this flower has anti-inflammatory, digestive, and healing properties. On the battlefields of the Civil War, it was even used to stop blood flow from wounds!

Associated with the sun, calendula is said to have magical properties of bringing love and keeping evil at bay. I can't make any promises, but let me know if you find it to be true!

Citrus essential oils: in addition to their germ-busting qualities, this family of oils is known for providing emotional balance and a bit of a lift to the spirit. I use only a light blend, but if you'd like an unscented bottle -- or a different scent blend, drop me a line! (Does anyone say that anymore?)

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