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Free Download Ptv Drama Sunehray Din Drama [Updated] 2022




Jhoole Bahadur Television & Zee Entertainment Enterprises The men of ‘Sunehray’ have all attended the Pakistan Military Academy. They are all graduates of the academy. But they come from all over the country, representing all the social groups. None of them is from elite society. Sunehray Din is the title of a TV play on life at the academy, by Indian writer Saleem Shaikh and Pakistani director, Malik Faraz. It was broadcast by Jhoole Bahadur in May 2014. The TV play is about the special relationship between the powerful Pakistan Army establishment and the elite class, who live at the academy. At the academy, students are chosen for their intelligence, intellectual potential and physical qualities. “The children of the elite are brought up in the army-college. They may have the best education of the country but they are kept outside the social scene. If they return to society after the academy, they are not welcomed. The army training makes them superior,” said Shaikh. The story explores the everyday life at the academy. It has examples of characters representing all the social groups. The play even shows the relatives of a top-notch army officer making false accusations against his son, to expel him from the academy. So much about the elite establishment, but the story does not stop there. It goes on to portray the parents of a cadet, also at the academy, in a conversation with a judge. They are discussing how to get their son a decent job after graduation. “The judge, an army man, shares that the best cadets are sent to the military academy because the country needs them. The parents come to a compromise: they agree to withdraw their complaint, if their son, the judge’s son, is sent to a proper university,” said the Indian writer. He said this because the judge comes from a prominent military family and hence, the parents might have been wary of the courts and might have tried to compromise. “I have been asked why I wrote this play. The best way to answer that is to say I could relate to the story. I came from the same background. I have been an officer in the army and my father was a colonel,” said Shaikh. After he graduated from Pakistan Military Academy, Shaikh was selected for his second assignment in Pakistan Army and was a captain



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Free Download Ptv Drama Sunehray Din Drama [Updated] 2022

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